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Dyslexia Reading and Spelling intervention

How to Control Attention Difficulties  (ADD/ADHD)

Concepts preventing dyslexics to understand  Math 

The fact that you have searched Google and Facebook and found this website means you probably need more information on #Dylexia Correction in Southern Africa, or dyslexia #treatment or dyslexia solutions or #dyslexiacorrection,   (In Afrikaans: Disleksie.)  for a young learner, or perhaps for an adult.

Teachers/tutors have probably already started to observe that an otherwise highly intelligent learner is falling behind the required grade level, and because of  reading and spelling difficulties might already be fast developing a learning difficulty which is probably caused by Dyslexia.

It may have already become clear that most current presenters of Dyslexia “treatments”  and even the medical profession, have either little or no intensive knowledge of what dyslexia is and is not.

There may already have been pressure to give prescribed meds to improve attention and reading; often not thinking that such a child is taught one cannot perform without taking a pill! I know and understand dyslexia very well. I followed the same journey with two dyslexic kids.  And I have been extensively trained (UK) to correct the debilitating effects of living with dyslexia in school.

While you have reached this point in time, don’t wait even another hour.  The dyslexic learner  is probably already …

  • … experiencing signs of an already permanently learning condition,
  • that has probably been bothering him/her for a long time,
  • creating emotional feelings of frustration, fear, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, to mention a few, and
  • resisting any form of reading and learning.

Here at Dyslexia Solutions Southern Africa,  based in Pretoria in Gauteng, we are using proven and highly effective interventions in successfully correcting dyslexia obstacles to reading, writing (and handwriting), spelling, attention (ADD), and Math. (NOTE: Dyslexia is not a disease, and can’t be cured).

The earlier we start with the Dyslexia Intervention Process, the better for the learner’s progress at school,  learning ability, and overall happiness.  The first crucial step to obtaining DYSLEXIA WISDOM is to INFORM ONESELF to really fully understand what the child with dyslexia is experiencing. At this stage, the child is probably desperate for someone to understand him/her.

The way forward?

5 easy steps with no costs.

  1. First of all, decide how serious you as parents are to find a solution to reading, writing and studying disabilities caused by your child’s dyslexia.  Dyslexia is life-long – it will never go away or being outgrown. Contact me, Jan Viljoen, Dyslexia Intervention Practitioner , anytime at +27 83 413 1428. for a free 15 min info-sharing chat,
  2. or email me in either English or Afrikaans at info@dyslexiasolutions.co.za    giving an indication of your specific interest in Dyslexia and concerns. You will then receive a short questionnaire asking for as much as possible background about the dyslexic experience.
  3. Do the FREE ONLINE DYSLEXIA SCREENING TEST, save the answers, and send it to me.   Please read the free dyslexia articles that I will give you.
  4. Make an appointment for a formal Consultation (2-3hours) which includes a full Dyslexia Intervention Assessment (to be done in person or via Skype). This is to determine whether the person’s goals and the objectives of the Dyslexia Intervention Programme will be compatible.
  5. Depending on the outcome, it will be up to the parent and/or the client’s decision to enroll in the formal  one-on-one programme.  The Programme is offered in Pretoria.


Children say:

  • Reading is now easier and more accurate.
  • Previously I only had one problem: school. Now,   school is cool!
  • Within 6  weeks after the Dyslexia Programme, I have caught up on two grade levels.
  • Maths are easier now. It’s all about cause and effect! Sequence!  Consequence! Order! I never understood these concepts. So easy now!
  • I do not feel dumb anymore.
  • Using pictures to study is fun and it works!  I can recall the whole year’s work in a split second!
  • I wish my parents had not wasted so much time and money on programmes that did not work for me.
  • No more useless meds!  I now know how to detect disorientation and control my daydreaming, without taking a daily pill.

Adults say:

  • For the first time, I finished a book without getting frustrated or angry.
  • My so-called ADHD is now under my control, and I am getting better organised in my office.
  • I am more mellow and starting to be me again.
  • I can now stop the dizzy feeling in my head – I’m not constantly disoriented anymore.
  • I can more easily switch over from one task to the other.
  • My handwriting has changed so dramatically my wife could not believe it was mine!
  • I have written and updated my CV all by myself for the first time ever. I’m 56.
  • My written communication has also improved.
  • I got promoted!
  • Last night, I went to the art museum and was able to read and comprehend the wall plaques.
  • I wish I could’ve done this program sooner, so I didn’t have to struggle for so long.
  • I can now relieve the tension between me and my husband, as I now understand his thinking.