My child has been tested dyslexic – what now?

We should never be so overwhelmed by the struggle to read, write and comprehend that we overlook the GIFT within the mind of each dyslexic individual. This GIFT is a thinking style giving them talents of boundless imagination, creativity, and invention. In fact, many of any culture’s most talented individuals are dyslexic, as is true for many of the pioneers in technology, physics, engineering and art. (Google “people with dyslexia” and see who comes up!)

Having dyslexia won’t make every dyslexic a genius, but it is good for the self-esteem of all dyslexics to know their minds work in exactly the same way as the minds of great geniuses. It is also important for them to know that having a problem with reading, writing, spelling, or math doesn’t mean they are dumb or stupid.

Dyslexics don’t all develop the same gifts, but they do have certain mental functions in common. Here are the basic abilities all dyslexics share:

  1. They can utilize the brain’s ability to alter and create perceptions (the primary ability).
  2. They are highly aware of the environment.
  3. They are more curious than average.
  4. They think mainly in pictures instead of words.
  5. They are highly intuitive and insightful.
  6. They think and perceive multi-dimensionally (using all the senses).
  7. They can experience thought as reality.
  8. They have vivid imaginations.

These eight basic abilities, if not suppressed, invalidated or destroyed by parents or the educational process, will result in two characteristics: higher than normal intelligence, and extraordinary creative abilities. Quote from Davis, Ronald Dell. (1994, 2010) “Chapter 1 – The Underlying Talent”, from The Gift of Dyslexia)

This is not to say being dyslexic is one Great Lifelong pleasure! Not in the least!

What many dyslexics don’t realize is that the multi-dimensional thinking style that makes them so gifted at one task, is the same thing that is CAUSING the CONSTANT STATE OF DISORIENTATIONS that is created by confusions with some written words.

  • To understand this is the key to overcoming Dyslexia.

Dyslexia cannot be “cured”, it is not a disease, it’s not a brain dysfunction. It is most probably genetic, inherited.  It is absolutely easily correctable. Once under control, what is left is the unlimited Gifted Power of the inventive mind.

Please do not deny your child the gift of having full control over his/her dyslexia.

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